Download Tether Data is a 123MB compressed / 432MB uncompressed CSV file that contains every Tether transaction on the Omni blockchain up until block 522647. If you need professional help working with the Tether graph, feel free to contact our team.

The fields are listed below:

      tx_hash: The unique id of the transaction; same as the BTC txid (string)
block_height: The numeric height of the block in the BTC blockchain (integer)
block_hash: The unique id of the BTC block the transaction is in (string)
block_time: The timestamp of the BTC block the transaction is in (datetime, GMT 0)
position_in_block: The numeric position of the transaction within the block (integer)
sending_address: The BTC address of the sender (string)
reference_address: A BTC address used as reference. Same as the recipient address in the case of "Simple Send" (string).
tx_type: The transaction type, with "Simple Send" being the most popular. Valid values are listed on Omni Layer's spec (string)
amount: The amount of token in the transaction (float)
version: The transaction version number (integer)
is_valid: 1 if the transaction is valid; 0 if it is not; (integer)
fee: The transaction fee in BTC (float)